Monday, May 7, 2012


This week i am going to explain how enduros work and how to ride them. An enduro is not a race of whoever is the fastest wins, it is a test against the clock and the terrain. The course of an enduro might be from 50-150 miles in length, I would say for Ohio an average would be about 75 miles in length. You will ride very little if any of the same trail twice. I will go through this process step by step and try to take the confusion out of this sport.

You will need to go to Tech inspection, tech will be looking for Sound output, Also included for tech will be Headlight , Taillight, and a license plate. After successful completion of tech you will be given a pass from the tech official to continue to sign-up. There you will need your AMA card as well as District card or Racing Organization card if needed as well as the entry fee for the event. After paperwork is completed you will need to draw for your row or number for the days event. For this example you drew 20 which means you will be on row 20 for this enduro. There will be 3 other riders on the row with you.

At the end of the race all scores are added up from this scorecard. Next step is the route sheet that you got at sign-up, this chart shows the Key time (time the event starts) as well as every major intersection on the course. Each turn will be listed numerically, followed by direction of turn, exact mileage and time you will need to be at each turn. Next thing to prepare is your digital watch, you will need to set your watch back 20 minutes, so it shows 10:00 when you leave the start line. This is done so every row leaves on the same time. The speed average for most all Ohio enduros is 24 mph average so that equals out to .4 (4 tenths) mile per minute of riding.

Monday, April 30, 2012


This week I am writing about enduro computers and the one I choose is a Douglas Engineering Watch dog computer. They have combined 23 years of engineering experience with 18 years of enduro riding experience to create the indestructible Watch Dog Enduro Computer. The watch dog is designed for years of trouble free operation. Its display is optimized for riding possibles, and is guaranteed to help you shave off those crucial seconds that separate a 1st and 2nd place finish. I personally run this computer on my bike, because I have heard great things about the computer. When I got my computer and I figured out how to use it I would 100% reccomend this to any enduro rider!

 The features of the watch dog are Easy data entry and edit. Resets and speed changes automatically sorted by mileage; can be entered in any order. Program verification enter a mileage and get back a calculated time for comparison to your route sheet Resets to zero for multiple loop enduros. Countdown to race starts when you enter your minute and the posted keytime. “Race recovery” lets you quickly and easily advance to any time and mileage in race. Instantly mark a check, sync your odometer to the checkpoint mileage and start your 3 for free with one button push. Programmable free territories. Configurable display. Race mode displays, distance to next possible, diff time, keytime seconds, odometer, diff time, minute (for brand-x), odometer, speedometer, full keytime. Interactive calculated distance (ICD). Allows you to continue using your computer for differential time even if you lose your sensor or magnet. Mileage tracker allows you to adjust mileage to match markers without stopping. Brand-X and AMA rules, Miles or kilometer. 


Monday, April 23, 2012


This week I am writing about Fast Way bark busters. There bark busters are incredible!! there F.I.T. Version 2 system features a solid billet aluminum top bar clamp with integrated hand guard mount tabs for a rigid and clean mounting system. Keeps cables and brake lines from interfering with guards and impact deflectors from twisting upon impacts. Features include,6061 billet aluminum impact deflector hand guards, 6061 billet aluminum solid top clamp/guard mount, 7/8 inch or 1-1/8 inch Fat bar versions. To ensure proper fit, it is recommended that you obtain your handlebar mount/clamp measurements before ordering. For help obtaining these dimensions, look at the fitment chart. The top clamp dimensions of your bar mounts must equal one of our available handlebar clamp dimensions in order for our hand guard system to fit on your machine. Not for use on handlebars narrower than 30 inches. I personally love these;  I run them on both my bikes and have never bent/broken anything on them besides the plastic deflectors. For the whole set up including top mount, the bars and all mounting hardware plus the plastic deflectors cost $144.95 before shipping, So you are looking at about $175.00 and its at your front door. I would recommend these bark busters to any dedicated woods rider, or just your weekend trail rider. This is a must have item, I wouldn't ride without them. The way these bark busters are designed when put on correctley they will not let your handle bars move upon impact or the barkbusters them self will not budge a bit. See you all next week!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This week I am writing about bib flat proof tire foam. this a soild foam insert that takes place of u tube, and there is no air so no way you can get a flat tire.Made from a multi-cellular butyl material, replaces conventional tubes, providing a pressure equivalent of approximately 13 psi. Bib mousse may used only with Michelin off-road tires, including StarCross MS2, StarCross MH2, S12, M12, H12, Enduro Comp III, EnduroStar, Baja and Desert. Each Bib Mousse includes a tube of Bib Mousse Fitting Gel. Be sure to follow installation instructions supplied with the product.Each Bib Mousse includes a tube of Bib Mousse Fitting Gel. Be sure to follow installation instructions supplied with the product.


Also another option for tire foam is Tire Balls.Tire Balls are little foam balls that take place of your tube. You can buy diffrent stiffnesses of the tire balls. What stiffness of tire balls you buy depends on what air pressure you like to run in you standard tubethe price range runs about $120 a tire.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This week i am writing about ways to reduce arm pump.PHDS Progressive Handlebar Damping System. Progressive handlebar clamping supported by elastomers. Absorbs engine and chassis vibrations. Dampens hard, whipping impact. Maintains steering precision. Adjustable handlebar position due to the modular design. Handlebar dampening in the directions of the arrows. Tuned by exchangeable elastomers. Individually adjustable. So that you can fully adjust it to the way you ride and are comfortable. This would be a great product if you are having trouble with arm pump. It helps with arm pump because it distributes the vibrations coming from the bike through the rubber bushings

Also another product that would reduce are pump would be Fasst Flexx handle bars. The Flexx Handlebar absorbs shock and vibration from the bikes motor and riding terrain that is transferred to your body and arms, sholders, allowing you to ride longer, at a faster pace with more control of your bike. I personally have a set of there on my ktm 200 and I love them they are so comforatable to ride with, yes even in the woods. The elastomer bushing take a lot of the jolt that your suspension doesnt. The elastomer bushings come in stiff, hard, medium, soft so that u can choose best fits you and your riding style. I would recomend these to any dedicated racer or just a weekend trail rider. All of that soreness in your sholders and forearms the next morning will not be there!!!! See you all next week

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm writing about KTM dirt bike aftermarket parts... for example Ankle Saver Foot Pegs.   

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Ankle Saver Foot pegs are designed to prevent hyper-flexion of your ankles. Ankle-Saver foot pegs provide support on the back of your boot as needed when casing a jump, making an awkward or hard landing, etc.  Ankle-Savers are there to prevent your foot from flexing any further, significantly reducing the possibility of broken or sprained ankles. For motorcross,suppercross and woods racing these are a must have item. I am a woods rider and i didn't think i would like them in the woods, but i rode my Buddy's bike that had them and they were amazing defiantly would recommend