Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm writing about KTM dirt bike aftermarket parts... for example Ankle Saver Foot Pegs.   

captionhttp://image.dirtrider.com/f/features/weekly_products/141_1009_crain_ankle_savers_foot _pegs/28966934+pheader_460x1000/141_1009_01_ih+crain_ankle_savers_foot_pegs+crain_ankle_saver_pegs.jpg

Ankle Saver Foot pegs are designed to prevent hyper-flexion of your ankles. Ankle-Saver foot pegs provide support on the back of your boot as needed when casing a jump, making an awkward or hard landing, etc.  Ankle-Savers are there to prevent your foot from flexing any further, significantly reducing the possibility of broken or sprained ankles. For motorcross,suppercross and woods racing these are a must have item. I am a woods rider and i didn't think i would like them in the woods, but i rode my Buddy's bike that had them and they were amazing defiantly would recommend

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