Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This week i am writing about ways to reduce arm pump.PHDS Progressive Handlebar Damping System. Progressive handlebar clamping supported by elastomers. Absorbs engine and chassis vibrations. Dampens hard, whipping impact. Maintains steering precision. Adjustable handlebar position due to the modular design. Handlebar dampening in the directions of the arrows. Tuned by exchangeable elastomers. Individually adjustable. So that you can fully adjust it to the way you ride and are comfortable. This would be a great product if you are having trouble with arm pump. It helps with arm pump because it distributes the vibrations coming from the bike through the rubber bushings

Also another product that would reduce are pump would be Fasst Flexx handle bars. The Flexx Handlebar absorbs shock and vibration from the bikes motor and riding terrain that is transferred to your body and arms, sholders, allowing you to ride longer, at a faster pace with more control of your bike. I personally have a set of there on my ktm 200 and I love them they are so comforatable to ride with, yes even in the woods. The elastomer bushing take a lot of the jolt that your suspension doesnt. The elastomer bushings come in stiff, hard, medium, soft so that u can choose best fits you and your riding style. I would recomend these to any dedicated racer or just a weekend trail rider. All of that soreness in your sholders and forearms the next morning will not be there!!!! See you all next week

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  1. Help me out here: what is "arm pump" and why is it bad? Thanks!