Monday, April 23, 2012


This week I am writing about Fast Way bark busters. There bark busters are incredible!! there F.I.T. Version 2 system features a solid billet aluminum top bar clamp with integrated hand guard mount tabs for a rigid and clean mounting system. Keeps cables and brake lines from interfering with guards and impact deflectors from twisting upon impacts. Features include,6061 billet aluminum impact deflector hand guards, 6061 billet aluminum solid top clamp/guard mount, 7/8 inch or 1-1/8 inch Fat bar versions. To ensure proper fit, it is recommended that you obtain your handlebar mount/clamp measurements before ordering. For help obtaining these dimensions, look at the fitment chart. The top clamp dimensions of your bar mounts must equal one of our available handlebar clamp dimensions in order for our hand guard system to fit on your machine. Not for use on handlebars narrower than 30 inches. I personally love these;  I run them on both my bikes and have never bent/broken anything on them besides the plastic deflectors. For the whole set up including top mount, the bars and all mounting hardware plus the plastic deflectors cost $144.95 before shipping, So you are looking at about $175.00 and its at your front door. I would recommend these bark busters to any dedicated woods rider, or just your weekend trail rider. This is a must have item, I wouldn't ride without them. The way these bark busters are designed when put on correctley they will not let your handle bars move upon impact or the barkbusters them self will not budge a bit. See you all next week!!

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