Monday, April 30, 2012


This week I am writing about enduro computers and the one I choose is a Douglas Engineering Watch dog computer. They have combined 23 years of engineering experience with 18 years of enduro riding experience to create the indestructible Watch Dog Enduro Computer. The watch dog is designed for years of trouble free operation. Its display is optimized for riding possibles, and is guaranteed to help you shave off those crucial seconds that separate a 1st and 2nd place finish. I personally run this computer on my bike, because I have heard great things about the computer. When I got my computer and I figured out how to use it I would 100% reccomend this to any enduro rider!

 The features of the watch dog are Easy data entry and edit. Resets and speed changes automatically sorted by mileage; can be entered in any order. Program verification enter a mileage and get back a calculated time for comparison to your route sheet Resets to zero for multiple loop enduros. Countdown to race starts when you enter your minute and the posted keytime. “Race recovery” lets you quickly and easily advance to any time and mileage in race. Instantly mark a check, sync your odometer to the checkpoint mileage and start your 3 for free with one button push. Programmable free territories. Configurable display. Race mode displays, distance to next possible, diff time, keytime seconds, odometer, diff time, minute (for brand-x), odometer, speedometer, full keytime. Interactive calculated distance (ICD). Allows you to continue using your computer for differential time even if you lose your sensor or magnet. Mileage tracker allows you to adjust mileage to match markers without stopping. Brand-X and AMA rules, Miles or kilometer. 


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